Scientology Disaster Response Team Helps Quito Dig Out After Devastating Landslide

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Ecuador work with rescue workers and cleanup crews to help the city recover.

Acts of Kindness Are Very Precious, Especially in Times of Need

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology of Vancouver responded after flooding left huge swaths of southwestern British Columbia and northwestern Washington in shambles.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers: A Helping Hand Makes the Holidays Bright

Volunteer Ministers from the Church of Scientology of Budapest work with other nonprofits to make the holidays special for those in need.

Scientology Volunteer Ministers Share What It Was Like to Help in Mayfield on Christmas Day

They came from across the country to help a town destroyed by the 10 December tornado celebrate the holiday.

Scientology Disaster Response: Help to Victims in Towns Destroyed by Last Week’s Tornadoes

Scientology Volunteer Ministers headquarters in Los Angeles encourages trained Volunteer Ministers to respond to one of the most devastating US tornado outbreaks on record. Entire towns were all but wiped off the map, leaving thousands homeless.

Volunteer Ministers Respond to Tornado Outbreak: One of the Worst in US History

In the aftermath of the devastation of dozens of tornadoes tearing through six states this weekend, the International Scientology Volunteer Ministers headquarters in Los Angeles has put out a call for trained Volunteer Ministers to respond.

“Help and Friendship Is What Disaster Relief Is All About,” Say Scientology Volunteers

As the Scientology Volunteer Ministers Hurricane Ida Disaster Response Team members wrap up two weeks of service in Louisiana and head home to their families and jobs, what they will long remember is the warmth, friendliness and courage of the people of Louisiana.

A Bright Yellow Tent on the Colombian Border Brings Hope to Venezuelans

Scientology Volunteer Ministers are working with churches, relief agencies and other nonprofits in Cúcuta, Colombia, to help refugees from Venezuela.

Beacon of Practical Help Shines as VMs Arrive in the Heart of Copenhagen

Scientology Volunteer Ministers reach out with indiscriminate help to those from all walks of life in Copenhagen’s Gammeltorv Square.

Volunteer Ministers Recognized for Their Unconditional Help

A ceremony in downtown Clearwater, Florida, honored VMs who provided relief to communities laid waste by hurricanes.

Helping a Kansas Community Pick up the Pieces

VMs help families clean up after a mile-wide twister tore through Linwood, Kansas.

Tackling Life’s Challenges in Queensland

Paula Neal, from the Aboriginal community of Yarrabah, Australia, found effective tools for some of her community’s toughest problems.

Yellow: The Color of Help in Uganda

Scientology Volunteer Ministers from Kenya helped the victims of the Eastern Uganda mudslides recover and rebound—all the more stronger for it.

Out of the Ruins Brought by Hate Springs New Hope for Sri Lanka

An international team of VMs responded to Sri Lanka in its time of need, helping it to forge an era of trust and friendship that transcends religious, ethnic and cultural divides.